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Online Drivers Education


Best Practices

Today's drivers face distractions that did not exist 10 years ago. Recognizing that these technologies are now part of our society, North Coast Driving works with new drivers to develop best practices for using these devices while behind the wheel.

High Schools

Not too long ago, drivers education programs were offered through most high schools. This isn't the case today. That's why many high schools have partnered with North Coast Driving School to provide drivers education programs for their students

Safe & Effective

Students are never put into situations they are not ready for. Our rule is driver training should never be scary. If that get's in the way, it is always due to the student moving a little too quickly into more complex situations that they are not prepared for. Driving lessons, done right, should be based on repetition and gradual progress.

Great Experience

Driver Education does not need to be boring or painful. Our office is spacious with comfortable seating. The instruction is lively, engaging and with no authority complex. Our students enjoy unmatched first class treatment.

Defensive Driving

As you know, there are lots of bad drivers out there. Our defensive driving instruction goes far beyond just "watching out for the other guy." We teach a process that gives our students the ability to identify, predict and react to incompetent drivers before potential collisions become actual collisions.

​Ask Your Friends

As you know a recommendation from a friend is 50 times more credible than what an ad tells you. We invite you to ask your friends about our program. Over the past decade we have served many students from many school districs. If you ask you will hear positive things. We have built an extremely sucessful business completely through reputation and referrals.



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